East Wake Republican Club

Holding Wins First-Ever "Spirit of Jesse" Award

George Holding Awarded the Spirit of Jesse Award

At this year's Red, White, & BBQ, Congressman George Holding became the first-ever recipient of East Wake Republican Club's "Spirit of Jesse" award.  The award is given to a politician who has demonstrated the spirit of Jesse Helms.  That means that they've displayed their conservative bona fides and have had the temerity to stick to their principles while faithfully executing their oath of office and representing their constituents.  The award is partially a recognition of how a politician has conducted themselves, but also a reminder of what we expect them to continue to do.

The award contains a quote from Senator Jesse Helms to serve as such a reminder.  It says, "I realize that being remembered isn't important.  What is important is standing up for what you believe to be right, hoping that you have done everything you can to preserve the moral and spiritual principles that made America great in the first place."

Congressman George Holding was recently named the 2nd most conservative member of Congress by the National Journal.  Last year, the McClatchy (who owns the N&O) wrote a piece entitled, "N.C. Rep. George Holding finding his way and not afraid to say ‘no’" that emphasized that he was following through with his campaign pledge to cut spending, was quick to say "no" when it needed to be said, and was following in the footsteps of Jesse Helms in areas like constituent services.

We're proud of the job Rep. Holding is doing, and we hope to see more of it!

Support his re-election at  GeorgeHoldingForCongress.com