East Wake Republican Club

Straw Poll Results



At The Great Debate, the East Wake Republican Club conducted a first-ever dual straw poll.  When attendees arrived they were given a straw poll ballot that was then collected prior to the start of the event.  Then, at the end of the candidate forum, a second identical ballot (uniquely marked) was given to attendees and collected as they exited the venue.


To preface the results, it should be noted that slightly more people cast a ballot in the second straw poll than in the first.  This occurred for various reasons.  People arriving late missed the first poll, and some people failed to turn in their ballot on the first poll.  Ballots for the second poll were distributed while everyone was still seated following the forum and collected as they exited, ensuring that everyone who wished to cast a ballot could easily find a box to deposit it in resulting in a slightly higher number.  This explanation is only significant in the case of Dr. Greg Brannon, who received more votes in the second poll, but his percentage was (rounded) 1% less.


The Results:


Candidate Entrance Poll (#1)
Brannon 52%
Harris 18%
Tillis 15%
Undecided 11%
All others less than 3%
Candidate Exit Poll (#2)
Brannon 51%
Harris 25%
Grant 11%
Tillis 5%
Undecided 3%
All others less than 3%